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Strategy & Management Consulting

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At Bellmac Consulting Zambia Limited (“Bellmac”), we help clients translate strategy into execution, closing the gap between ideas and outcomes, to transform the organization and achieve tangible business results. We advise businesses on improving efficiency, and effectively engage existing customers in order to accelerate business growth and achieve sustainability.

Our key business advisory service offerings include:

  • Gaining market insights and access to resources that can help transform your business – whether significantly driving revenue growth, increased sales, redefining customer service, or achieving cost efficiencies
  • Formulation and review of governance and organization structure to enhance optimum performance
  • Strategic plan formulation and review of various spheres of business including corporate strategy, business transformation, and digital and innovation capabilities
  • Proactively manage your technological needs, minimize IT risks and drive operational efficiency and competitive advantage through transformative programs
  • Effectively manage and protect corporate data with information protection and business resilience plans
  • Executive coaching for clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, working through real life business challenges