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Business And Financial Advisory Services

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Organizations the world over aspire to be creative, innovative, and progressive. However, owners and managers may be consumed with the technical aspect of running the business leaving no time to work on the big picture items. Business and financial advisory services aim to find smart solutions to complex business problems.

As a result, the need for business and financial advisory services is steadily increasing due to changes in the business environment such complex markets, changing regulations, and technological advancements. Business and financial advisory services should therefore provide professional advice from a strategic and financial perspective.

Bellmac Consulting Zambia Limited’s (“Bellmac”) business and financial advisory services are modeled to offer strategic solutions to companies across a wide spectrum of Industries, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, and to support them solve financial challenges or pursue opportunities.

It is our belief that board and management objectives are best served when the finance function is aligned to the business strategy and provides financial analysis and insight to support corporate decision-making. Moreover, meeting legal and regulatory obligations is a must.

Our range of specialized advisory services include:

  • Financial, Operational and Strategic Risk Management
  • Business Restructuring and Recovery Services
  • Independent Business Reviews [IBRs]
  • Project Management and Finance
  • Accounting Advisory
  • Financial Accounting Services
  • Corporate Finance
  • NGO/NFP Grant Management

These services are mainly centered around growth opportunities, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, joint ventures and collaborations, and cross-border investments.

The goal of our business and financial advisory services is to add value to your business by providing a broad range of competencies; streamlining your finance and accounting processes to increase productivity, efficiency, and reduce costs; and capitalizing on opportunities that drive profitability.