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Non Governmental Advisory Services

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Non-governmental also often referred to as not-for-profit or public benefit organizations are established solely for non-profit and non-commercial work either at a national or international level.

At Bellmac Consulting Zambia Limited (“Bellmac”), we advise on the various not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) to register including: –

  • Trusts & charitable organizations
  • Religious and community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • Societies (clubs, trade unions, etc.)

Our team provides charitable and other NPOs with comprehensive services such as: –

  • Drafting or review of constitutive documents including trust deeds, constitutions, by-laws and articles of incorporation
  • Organizational licensing and compliance
  • Development of policies including anti-fraud and bribery policies
  • Advise on organizational governance and tax issues
  • Stakeholder engagement and reporting
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs
  • Training and development of codes of conduct and staff handbooks