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30 Jan 2024
The Law on Pre-Incorporation Contracts in Zambia: Comparative Analysis

Pre-incorporation contracts refer to contracts made before a company is incorporated. They are contracts made by a pre-existing company’s company promoters.

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03 Nov 2023
Secretarial and Legal Compliance
The Importance of Secretarial and Legal Compliance in the Workplace

Secretarial and legal compliance are vital for corporate governance, ensuring efficient board administration and adherence to legal requirements for all types of entities.

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03 Nov 2023
Cyber Regulatory Framework
The Cyber Regulatory Framework in Zambia

The article discusses how technology and social media are globally prevalent, the need for cybersecurity laws, and Zambia's efforts to regulate cyberspace and protect personal information.

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03 Nov 2023
Ten Strategies of Effective Human Resource Management

Employees are a vital asset, so it's important to value and motivate them. Implementing an effective human resource management system is essential for their growth and increasing productivity.

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07 Mar 2023
Award for Damages in cases of Wrongful Dismissal

Employers and their human resource departments would be interested in knowing that the Court of Appeal recently passed a decision in which it awarded 42 months as damages for wrongful dismissal.

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07 Mar 2023
Self Regulation of Non-Governmental Organizations

Did you know that the Non-Governmental Organizations Act no. 16 of 2009 (the “NGO Act”) provides for self-regulation of non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”).

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19 Dec 2022
Roles of Board Committees

In organizations, the board of directors is in charge of strategic oversight. Board responsibilities are time-consuming, and board meetings lack the comfort to effectively discuss agenda items to the bone.

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11 Nov 2022
Models of Corporate Governance

Theories of corporate governance are defined by the causes and effects of variables such as the configuration of the board of directors, the audit committee, the independence of managers,

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15 Sep 2022
Ethical Concerns in Corporate Finance

In business, management and other employees need to act under the highest ethical standards i.e., act with honesty and integrity, no conflicts of interest, accuracy...

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06 Sep 2022
The Need for Accounting Software

Did You Know? The first accounting software was developed in 1978 when Visicalc and Peachtree Software were introduced. Visicalc was the first spreadsheet software that enabled financial modeling on the computer, while Peachtree Software was an accounting software package for the early personal computer.

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